Camp Eureka: A magical window into farmlife

At Camp Eureka, you may milk a cow, whittle a spoon, grind grain into flour, walk through a corn field, gather eggs, meet a sheep, spin wool, plant popcorn, harvest veggies, watch a beehive, build a bird house, extract honey, hand-dip candles, pick peaches, make fresh jam, churn cream into butter, fell a tree, use a two-person saw…

Check out our 2018 One-Day Sampler Programs!
Bread ‘n Jam  on Wednesday, June 20
Woods ‘n Water on Wednesday, July 18
Farm-Grown Lasagna on Wednesday, August 15
Cow ‘n Corn to Bread ‘n Butter on Wednesday, September 12
Squash to Pie on Saturday, October 20

A session at Camp Eureka provides:
-farm visits welcoming children of all ages and their families
-flexible, child-led learning in an intimate, relaxed environment
-a time to unplug and unwind from our faster paced modern lives
-creative, affirming, eclectic, welcoming staff
-hands-on projects making useful wares
-practical skills and knowledge
-exposure to farm-style life and a non-corporate approach to living
-a full picture connecting what we consume with where it comes from
-families fresh new perspective on one another
-parents a chance to learn from each other
-an opportunity to experience and sample a variety of life-styles
-a place where “You meet cool people!” 

From milking a cow…
milk a cow at Camp Eureka
…to separating cream and churning it to butter…
…to sampling it on freshly baked cornbread…
fresh cornbread and butter
…Camp Eureka revels in experiencing whole pictures!Eureka logo 2nd draft