About Us

Eureka logo 2nd draftCamp Eureka is a not-for-profit day camp that welcomes children of all ages and their families. Unique in its encouragement of parental participation, the camp further distinguishes itself by visiting a variety of local farms, working in co-operation with the farmers to support them financially and offer a showcase for their produce and contribution to the community.

The camp’s parent organization, Motherhouse, a 501(c)(3) was founded in 2000 by Debra Tyler and is dedicated to providing time, space and guidance for mothers and their partners. We like to say that Motherhouse helps those who nurture. Says Tyler (who also acts as the camp’s director)…

“…Camp Eureka shares so much of its vision with Motherhouse that it was a very natural evolution.  The co-parenting, multi-generational dynamic as well as the nurturing environment and the connection to the natural world all go hand in hand with Motherhouse’s mission.”

Our core staff and steering committee consists of four members:

Tal takes the skein off the ??

Tal brings a unique spin to whatever we do… She’s been spinning and dying wool for 8 years and knitting for 15 years, thinks crafts are the best therapy, and runs www.newtwistyarn.com to sell her own unique fiber creations. She’s also passionate about providing the best of a traditional diet and local food for her family. As principal of a supplementary program for Jewish education and a talented instructor, she brings practical organizational skills to our programs as well as teaching about her passions and skills. She likes to sing and dance as if no one is watching.

Iris is an eighth generation Cornwall resident who lives with her partner, Rocco, their daughter, Ivy June, and their two dogs, Lily and Burton. Iris works as an organic vegetable farmer on Ridgway Farm, tends children of all ages, is a licensed Massage Therapist, and serves as a Cornwall EMT. She also runs a small crocheting business; Crazy Cave Creations!, adores cooking up vegetarian recipes, is an accomplished potter, and aspires to running a dog-powered organic farm. We invited her to be our primary staff person for the pilot farm camp in 2011 and she was such a great match, she’s now the Motherhouse Board’s Secretary and Camp Eureka counselor four years running!

Camp Eureka strawberry harvest

Margaret has grown up a home schooled farm kid and loved every minute! The daughter of our fearless leader she has been a part of Camp Eureka from the word go. Over the past couple years she has discovered a gift and a love for teaching and runs programs at Local Farm with her mom. Her passions outside of farming and teaching include music singing in particular, contra dancing, horseback riding, cooking, reading, crafting, mythology and designing and making dresses.

Also the founding mother and director of Motherhouse, Camp Eureka’s director, Debra, is passionate about small scale farming and bringing the magic of summer camp to families. For more than 20 years she ran Local Farm in Cornwall, CT as an organically managed, raw milk dairy and only recently quit selling milk in order to devote more time to sharing her skills with others. She is also a student at Hartford Seminary, a closet artist, keyboardist for Still the Homegrown Band, and a delighted grandma!

Debra at Camp Eureka 8-2011