How to Help

Eureka logo 2nd draftYour ideas, energy, time, and gifts help us thrive. We greatly appreciate your support and input. Contact Us about volunteering opportunities! We depend on people like you to share your skills and interests as well as your hospitality, whether in your homes, farms, workshops, backyards, woodlands, or gardens. Because our mothership, Motherhouse is a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax exempt organization your donations toward our programs are completely tax deductible.

Our wish list includes:
–old sweaters for craft projects.
–1-2 dozen potted lavender plants.

–1 gallon olive oil.
–sewing supplies.
–an EZ-up tent.
–garden starts of kitchen herbs, tomatoes, sweet peppers, onions, potatoes, cabbage, broccoli…

And remember, donations make wonderful gifts!  Whether it is for your mother, who has always had a soft spot for cows, or your nephew who values local farms,  a gift to Camp Eureka sends a beautiful, joyous message to someone you love. 

Just let us know in whose honor your donation is being made, and we will send them a handwritten card describing the generous contribution you’ve made in their name.  Rest assured, a gift to Camp Eureka gathers no dust and is always the right size and color!

Please know that a donation in any amount helps us to defray costs and grow our innovative program. Listed below are just a few of the areas where we could use your support.  

–our campership fund. ($300/camper/session) Even though our fees are modest, there are families who cannot afford the expense of sending their child(ren) to camp.  Your tax-deductible contribution to our Campership Fund is a personal and heart-felt way to support not only our mission, but the lives of kids who would not otherwise have this opportunity.  Help spread the magic!

–a cell phone and monthly service fees. ($800- $1200/year) Camp currently depends on our staff’s personal phones.

–fees for Joe Brien’s Lost Arts workshops spoon carving ($400-$500 ea) and stool making ($800-$1000 ea). These workshops are a favorite for kids and adults alike, and offer yet another dimension to the skills our campers acquire here at Camp Eureka.  Imagine the joy of carving for the very first time!  Joe is able to convey that joy and also help ensure that these valuable skills get passed on to future generations.

–monthly sponsorship of a Local Farm cow for our use ($150/month covers its feed and care expenses).  Our cows MOOve at center of the experience we offer to our camper families.  First hand contact with living farm animals offers MOOre than one CUD imagine.  Please remember that even though our campers are with us a few weeks out of the summer, our cows are with us year round and they are fond of eating!

–regular contributions toward administration costs (any amount greatly appreciated!).  We wish that all we had to do was tend our farm, develop new workshops and share all of these wonderful experiences with our camper families, but it takes people, planning and paper to make this program a reality every year.  By helping us pay for brochures, flyers, stamps, staff and UDDER stuff , you will actively be helping us spread the good MOOs about Camp Eureka!

Donate with the PayPal button above, OR by check. Please make all checks payable to Motherhouse indicate they are directed to Camp Eureka, and mail to:

Camp Eureka – Motherhouse, Inc.
P.O. Box 184
Cornwall, CT 06753