Memory Lane

Eureka logo 2nd draftVisit our 2013 on-line scrapbook for photos of our Bread ‘n Butter visit to Local Farm and Benjamin’s corn field, Honey and Nuts granola making at Stonewall Dairy Farm’s apiary, a peachy- dandy Jam Session at VanValkenburgh’s orchard, Strawberry Field’s flock of sheep, and NorthStar Botanical’s herbal We’d Walk with Alicia North.

cherry tomatoesOur 2012 session included making butter and bread at Local Farm, walking in Benjamin’s cornlot, learning about eggs and bacon at Stonewall Dairy Farming, harvesting veggies for stone soup at Ridgway Family Farm, working with wool and meeting Country Quilt Llamas’ traveling llama Doug, and using a two person saw, and cooking over a wood fire at Strawberry Fields.


drum carderIn 2011 we visited LongMeadow Farm to collect eggs, feed pigs, count chickens and smoke meat. We milked a cow, skimmed cream, and madeĀ  butter and bread at Local Farm, visited Benjamins’ corn field, harvested veggies for stone soup at Stonewall Vegetable Farm, met Doug the llama from Country Quilt Llamas, toured the Strawberry Fields’ woodlot with a logger, tapped a log for sap, and cooked bread on a stick. Visit Farm Camp 2011 for a video slide show orĀ Eureka 2011 for a movie clip made by friends of Ruth Charny.

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