To Register for Camp Eureka 2016

In 2016 we offered 3 sessions of Day Camp visiting different farms in Cornwall, CT:

Each five-day session will run from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. with two snack periods. Children will provide their own snacks.

Churning Butter

June 27th-July 1; Farmhouse Week

The farmhouse is the traditional center of the homestead. It’s where the food is preserved, stored, prepared, and served. It’s where the seeds are started and the seedlings grown. The farmhouse kitchen garden always has the best herbs within easy reach of a busy cook. Clothes are patched and mended. Quilts are made and stories, told. Our first session of camp will focus on sewing, baking, dairy products, gardening, and the tasks related to maintaining life from the farmhouse. The registration deadline for Farmhouse Week is May 30.


Ela sawing woodJuly 11th-15th; Forestry Week

During our second session, we will move from the farmhouse out into the orchard and woods to explore the many ways trees play a role in our daily lives; providing us with food, heat, shelter, paper, and more.- We may visit an area woodworking shop, local forest, sawmill, and an orchard as we learn about basic building and fruit production, try whittling, make paper, and cook over an open fire. Registration deadline: June 22.

granola making
August 1st-5th
; Food & Field Week
In our third session, we will experience an edible sampling of what gardens, farms, and nature have to offer. Camp will be held at different farms in Cornwall, CT. Each day will have theme relating to a food which we will observe growing, harvest and prepare together. Daily themes may include Bread & Butter, Honey & Nuts, Fruit & Jam and more! Register by 7/13.

Price per Session*

Price per Child

With participating parent

Without Parent – Child must be
at least 8 years old

One Child



Each Additional Sibling



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TO REGISTER: Please mail all four camp forms with a $100 deposit/child/session or full payment to: Camp Eureka: Motherhouse, PO Box 184, Cornwall, CT 06753
Don’t forget to specify which session(s) you’re registering for! OR email and she’ll email or snail mail them to you.

The balance due and completed paperwork must be in before the first day of camp.

Please contact regarding financial aid, general questions, and forms.

Check out our One Day Camp Sampler Opportunities:

Cow ‘n Corn to Bread ‘n Butter on September 12 and
Bread ‘n Jam on August 15.